Beginner’s Makeup Tips

The first thing most girls do when they start becoming women is play with makeup. Some figure it out along the way and do a wonderful job at painting their faces in the mornings. Some give up before they get going and wear nothing at all because they don’t know what they’re doing. This blog entry is for the latter.

The Golden Rule

Ever hear the saying, “Less is More”? Well, they lied. It’s not necessarily true. The real Golden Rule is to make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all, independent of how many products you need to accomplish that goal. Unless you’re going to a club, you should keep the wow factor minimal.

Choose Your Assets

The first thing to note when working on a makeup strategy is that you can hide the features of your face that you find less flattering and increase the impact of your more favorite features. Have beautiful eyes but a big nose? Large lips but tiny eyes? All of these things can be easily adjusted with a few makeup tricks to bring out your best.

Skin, Not Sin

No matter what makeup you choose, it should suit both your skin color and complexion. There’s no point wearing overly heavy makeup with oily skin as it will only make the situation worse underneath. And if your face is beautifully done but doesn’t match the color of the rest of your body, it’s going to look awful no matter what.

Start Cheap

If you don’t have a lot of experience applying makeup, you should start out with inexpensive makeup to play around with before you go for the big boys. Wet ‘n Wild and NYC cosmetics are both extremely inexpensive and can be found anywhere from drugstores to large chains like Wal-Mart.

Ask a Professional

If you’re at a complete loss, you can always start out by going to the makeup counter at your local department store. In their perfume/cosmetics section, there’s always several women just dying to sell you their products by showing you how to wear them. You may end up with a bag full of stuff when you leave, but at least you’ll know what to do with it if you copy the their methods.

Trend Lightly

Trends are nice for the type of people who live in high fashion 24/7, but for the rest of us, it becomes an outdated look that we wear beyond when it is in style. For the most part, trends go as quickly as they come and end up draining your wallet a lot faster than the prestige you imagine goes with them.


Even if you’re not planning on going anywhere but have some extra time, this is a perfect opportunity to try out a new makeup style that you may have been too shy to try out in public. You never know – it might just work for you!